In Post-Production: THE LAST
August 2014: Wrapped on the primary shoot!

This project is of course near and dear to my heart. After witnessing the slaughter of elephants in the field, the inspiration rushed in to tell this story of elephants in a human, surreal, stylized, haunting way.

The story follows Tai, a young lady who suddenly finds herself running from these hunters, and relied on by her weaker extended family members to show them a way out. It's a heartbreaking journey, and one I hope will strike people in the gut the way seeing a poached elephant would. These people are like us, only mimicking elephant lore in their actions. With adorable tusks, and ways of communicating through sound vibrations, greetings, and honouring the bones of their dead, they are loveable and mysterious heroes.

Feel free to get in touch for more info! We really need a passionate editor right now (preferably with a love for Anime!) to help tighten up this story and make it come alive on the big screen.

Stay tuned for the crowd funding campaign and updates from B Camera and the edit suite!